We are the driven

and not the driver,

We are the web

and not the spider.

Stanza 1

Stanza 2

We are the huddle of blind

and not gifted with sight,

We are the what we find

and not the hand of might.

We are the short of words

and not the restless speaks,

We are a fall short of birds

and not the master of peaks.

Stanza 3

Stanza 4

We are the servant of goads

and not the maker of dreams,

We are the pushed along roads

and not the destroyer of streams.

We are the shadow of horse

and not the top of the tree,

We are all day play of course

and not the untimely free.

Stanza 5

Stanza 6

We are the background of curd

and not the highlight of bill,

We are the majestic to purred

and never subordinate to chill.